HELP! Lens calibration just won't work!

Okay guys, I’m going nuts here, and I’m absolutely at my wits’ end. I’ve got a huge project that I’ve GOT to get done today that will require me aligning multiple cuts using the passthrough on my machine (I’ve got an OMTech 60W, 20" x 29" workspace), camera is mounted 29" above the workspace. I’m using the Lightburn 8K 120W camera with the newest version of Lightburn. No matter what I do, I can’t get the camera alignment to work. When I go to capture the image it keeps changing what the pattern score is. For example, without making any changes to anything other than repeatedly clicking the Capture button, it gave me scores of 17045130.00, 8888.00, and then 0.09. Again, this is with zero changes, no change of lights, nothing. My honeycomb is completely covered with perfectly flat and taped cardstock, there are no shadows being cast on the work surface. I’m absolutely freaking out and going nuts; I’ve been working on this for two days now trying to get this to work right. PLEASE HELP!!

This is what I’m talking about. No changes to settings, lighting, etc., yet vastly different scores and the lowest score is a useless image.

Keep proceeding with the calibration as long as the number is good. Don’t concern yourself with distorted images. That’s part of the process.

The calibration is extremely sensitive so even if you think there are no changes there could still be different things being picked up.

If it’s easier take the camera off the laser and complete the calibration elsewhere. It needn’t be showing the bed at all.

AJ - Just Checking in - Did you get this sorted out?

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