Help ... Lightburn is driving me crazy. resetting position all the time and homing incorrect with negative offset

Hi LB community and dev team. Hope someone has some suggestion on how to resolve this … issue.

Here is the thing:

When I home my system (with x/y limit switches), it sets the x/y postions incorrectly to -198,99.
Parsing GBRL commands (G10 P1 L20 X0 & G10 P1 L20 Y0) will not help.

If I disconnect & reconnect it and then “GET POSITION” in the MOVE tab it will show the correct postions (X=0 & Y=0)

When I issues a “GO TO CURSOR” command it resets to the previously wrongly calibrated values (f.e. when issuing GO TO X=300 , Y=1000 it will go to X=100 , Y=800)

Anyone any suggestions (are most welcome)

btw using:
Openbuilds Acro 1510 with Blackbox (GBRL)

It seems that:

Homing sets MPOS (Machine Coords / G53)
G10 Pxx commands set the ZERO (what you are looking for) - which are offset away from MPOS

Needed to change the “$10 Status report options” setting

Don’t really understand it (also too lazy to read) but it solved it.

There is an article about it here:


We explain it here in our docs about configuring CNC machines for use as lasers:

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