Help needed - cant connect to laser. Files corrupt

Good morning all! Hope someone here can point me in the right direction!

Full story and explanation below
brief overview at the very bottom

We (my father and I) have recently (5/6 months ago) purchased a HPC LS3040 (50w tube) it is currently running on a windows 10 desktop using lasercut 6.1 software connected via USB.

Its primary use so far has been using the engrave function on oak to create key holders, plaques and name boards ect…all designs have been made in lasercut 6.1 by downloading DXF files and importing them to lasercut adding text and off we go. This is perfect for my father as this is its sole intended purpose for him. The setting used is generally 170/30/0.1

However I have found the limitations of creating designs in lasercut to be frustrating at the very least. So off I went and downloaded lightburn. This software is Brilliant, does exactly what I need it to do, easy to use and creates the results on screen as I want them.

However… I am using a galaxy book using windows 10 running the latest version of lightburn. I also have lasercut 6.1 (in Chinese) installed also.

So problem 1:

lightburn will not find the laser from my galaxy book- so I cant just connect and tell the laser to run my designs directly from my device.

My current solution to problem 1 :

Once I have finished making my designs I have exported them in DXF format to a USB and move them to the main operating desktop which has lasercut 6.1 installed. Open a new file and import the design.
Everything looks great on screen but none of the settings transfer over, this isn’t an issue but it does create 2 more problems.

Problem 2 :
The files created in lightburn transferred over to lasercut 6.1 do not come out how they were designed to come out or how the preview on lightburn say they will look.

If set to engrave the majority of designs are 80% ok but they miss giant sections of the design- doesnt engrave where it should engrave. Or engraved where it shouldnt.
Setting generally 170/30/0.1 (on 3 inch oak)

Or worse if set to cut ( by cut I mean score/ kiss cut / flying cut/ basic shape outlines / never to cut through a material)
Setting generally on 50/40 (on 3 inch oak)
It skips 80% of the design on a 10 minute design the laser only operates for 2. It will continue to draw the path of the design but not actually fire the laser.

From what I can gather so far. If i have made a design using the same features that lasercut 6.1 has. Meaning import any file as a dxf add some text and set to engrave it comes out fine.

Any design I have created or adjusted using features that lightburn has that lasercut doesnt such as node edit, bullion, blend shapes connect lines and bend shapes. This is where it all goes wrong and the design doesnt print correctly.

Problem 3:
Some designs are corrupt once transferred.
I have created a 20x20 grid for power setting test functions -10 to 200 power 10 - 200 speed
When imported to lasercut and all the settings adjusted (only doing 1 line at a time - so the 10 speed first then 20 and so on)
The machines home is top right.
For the size of the image the laser must be bottom left or top right.
But when pressing start the machine no matter where I put the starting point and no matter where I position the laser to start when pressing go the head will shoot off the x axis towards the rail causing a soft stop. It’s as if the files believes it is 3x larger than the bed but still wants to try and perform the function.
I’m at a total loss.

So in short
Issue 1 - cant connect galaxy book to laser using lightburn.

Issue 2 - lightburn files do not score where they should or engrave where they should using custom designs transferred to lasercut.

Issue 3 : some files corrupt after transferring from lightburn to lasercut.

Any help on these issues would be massively appreciated.

Kind regards R&G

You list both Ruida and LaserCut, which is a bit confusing.

LaserCut is the software provided with the Leetro AutoMation Co. motion control systems, which is not supported in LightBurn.

RuiDa Technology Co motion control systems provides versions of software called RDWorks, RDCam, and so on, ‘RD’ for RuiDa. LightBurn does provide support for the RuiDa family of motion controllers.

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Thank you so much for your reply.

After a quick Google I have found that the controller is a leetro controller not Rudia.

The sellers webpage states the machines are fitted with the rudia controller and are supplied with RDworks V8 or lightburn depending on choice.

With this I never thought to check it was not a leetro controller. I had just assumed that lasercut 6.1 was installed as a basic programme to run designs and not its sole operating software.

My appologies I am new to this.
This would explain why the files wont work correctly when transferred over.

Is there a way to continue using lightburn to design files without changing the controller or would it not make any logical sense and if I wanted to continue using lightburn it would be best to change over the controllers?

Thank you again for your help
Kind regards

Sure, you could design and then export that file as an image or set of vector paths. Nothing “laser” would be known or transferred in that file. If you are interested in using LightBurn for any laser control, you would need to have a compatible control system supported by LightBurn.

Thank you again for your reply and your help! It really is greatly appreciated.

I am currently designing and exporting the files from lightburn as DXF, however it seems like any of the advanced features in lightburn that I use when designing especially the booleans and other blend functions, outline and arrays alot of the vector lines dont come out.

When using the preview function the image looks exactly how it’s supposed to look.

And when transferred over it seems to miss any of the mentioned above sections of the design.

However when importing any file type, using the image trace, drawing a box or a circle, adding text, the design comes out perfectly!

Looks like we’ll be looking into getting an Rudia controller.

Again thank you very much for you help!
Kindest regards

Show us please. You may have to append “.txt” to the end of the file name to allow it to be posted here. We need to see what “…alot of the vector lines dont come out.” means, exactly.

Post that file and some screenshots to help us see what you are observing, and we can go from there.

of course,
attached are the finished project in lbrn.2 and two of the images used to create the project.
i will upload screenshots now of the preview image in lightburn and the final product. i hope this shows clearly the issue.
again thank you very much.

mermaid window.lbrn2 (741.0 KB)

pirate ship

Here are the above mentioned screenshots. One of the preview imagine in lightburn.
One of the product after running through lasercut. Settings in laser cut - blue- engrave- 170_30/0.1
Black - cut - flying cut - 50-50

When I open this lbrn2 file, here is what the Preview shows without any modification.

LightBurn uses shape boundaries to define what gets filled. You may have posted a different version of that file. Check that and update here. I would also like to review the DXF exported from the correct version of this file too.

my apologies, i had indeed uploaded the incorrect file. here is the correct file, correct file preview and its exported version converted to .txt (i hope this is correct it wouldn’t allow dxf upload as you had mentioned so i converted it online)

mermaid window.lbrn2 (927.9 KB)
mermaid window.txt.txt (5 Bytes)

When I open this new file, here is what I see.

The file you posted, [mermaid window.txt.txt], is empty, even opened in text editor. Not sure what happened with that file.

I am investigating the Exported DXF and will post back.

perfect that was the file i had intended to upload previously.

im not quite sure what im doing wrong in order to upload the dxf file. have tried renaming the file, converting. what is the usual method to do this?

thank you again so much for your help.

Export DXF from LightBurn, then just add .txt to the end of that file. It would look something like: mermaid window2.dxf.txt. Then post that file. Do not do a conversion.

What version of LightBurn are you using to do this Export?

export from lighburn version 0.9.24

Thank you for the update on what version of LightBurn, but I do not understand the images. Did you add “.txt” to the end of the file name? You need to change the name of the file so you can load on the forum.

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