Help needed to wire door safety switch on a RUiDA RDC6332G

I am in the process of connecting a switch to isolate the laser tube when the door is open. I also thought it would be useful to include a key-switch to allow authorised bypassing of this safety feature then the door is open for setup, servicing, etc.

I have looked online and in the 6332 manual and see there is a connection made on CN3 at pin 2 (DrProc)

Is it merely the case of wiring a switch to pin 1 (OGND) and pin 2 (DrProc)?

The switch must be NC - Normally Closed or NO - Normally Open?

How do I adjust the software to enable this feature?

I also have a slight spanner in the works - CN3 pin 2 is already occupied by an LFS-ANM-T43-V2 (non-metal distance controller). However, there was no door switch installed until I connected one. I feel this connection might be something to do with a ‘crash’ senor for the complicated live focus head I have still not worked out.

ANY help would be much appreciated.

That manual has a terrible translation. The way I read it is that 5V on the pin will suspend the machine. You might also check in the setup if the polarity is selectable.

If it does indeed take 5V on the pin to suspend, take 5V from one of the 5V terminals. Run that to either your key switch ( normally closed ) or lid switch ( normally closed ), then to the DrProc pin.

The order of the lid switch or key switch does not matter, you will be making a serial connection.

The key switch is normally closed which enables the lid switch to do it’s thing. When the lid is open that switch being normally closed will pass 5V to the protection pin. and prevent the laser form firing. When the lid is closed, the lid switch is open and 5V is disconnected. For the key switch, when you turn it to the open position, 5V is prevented from getting to the protection pin.

That’s is if it really takes 5V on the pin to suspend. If you have to ground the pin, then use a ground pin on the controller instead of 5V. The connections should be the same.

You might have to do a try and see to find out.

Hello Joel,

Thank you for your response and detailed information. Very useful to have confirmation about the wiring in Series, normally closed switching to make the circuit and most importantly the connection to a +5v terminal that did not cross my mind but makes obvious sense now you mention it. This forum is so incredibly useful!

I just need to confirm what is needed regarding the configuration of the RDC6332G software. Yes, I agree the manual appears to have missed the point on so many areas.

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