Help needed with camera calibration - LightBurn continually crashing

Hi all,

I’m having issues with trying to get a camera calibrated in LB. I get to the screen attached, and as soon as I click the camera, the program crashes. No error messages, just shuts down completely back to the desktop! I couldn’t see anyone else having this issue as the other issues seemed to crash after the next step and displayed error messages.

Any ideas what is going on and how I can address it?


LightBurn should not crash. LightBurn should not crash without providing some indication something has gone awry.

Share a bit more, I see you are running Windows, what version and number of the release? What is this “V380 UVC Camera”, what can you share about it?

I am sure @LightBurn will have additional questions / feedback.

Thanks Rick, I’m running Windows 10 Home x64, with what I assume is the latest updates.

It’s really weird, I hardly ever have seen a program shut down without giving some sort of error message when it does.

The camera is just my generic web cam. A new jointer, thicknesser and bandsaw have taken priority over anything else laser related (according to the finance minister) so wasn’t looking to purchase a dedicated laser camera at this stage.

Plot twist…

If I deny access to the camera in security settings, I can click on it in LightBurn and nothing happens. As son as I allow access again, click on it and boom LightBurn goes away again :rage:

Any further ideas?!?

Go to Edit > Settings and change the “Capture System” from “custom” to “default”. Does that still crash?

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