Help needed with laser etching

Hi everyone,
Im new to trying to engrave and cut wood etc. I have an issue where the laser just seems to burn everything, even when I reduce the power settings. I have tried to etch and cut a name tag, see the results in the photos.


Have you run a Material Test on the wood you’re using?

It’ll get you pretty far along to the goal of understanding which power and speed settings produce the results you want.

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I also think a speed of 11000 is a bit high.

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Thanks for getting back to me, I haven’t done the materials test, I will do that tomorrow and let you know how I’m getting on. I’m pretty new to this so thats why I decided on the 5w laser, once I get used to what I’m doing, then I might upgrade the laser.
Thank you,

Again, thanks for the input Tim, I appreciate it :+1:

I concur,
Especially since the max rate on any given axis is 10,000mm/min
(Settings $110, $111)

I’d start testing at 5000 and probably work toward slower still.

Do you perhaps have continuous power mode enabled for the engrave layer? It looks like the laser didn’t turn off at all.

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