HELP needed with my Xtool D1 Pro

Going to try to start keeping some notes.

I did disconnect the limit switches and nothing changed. The laser goes straight up towards the top of the machine, but doesn’t move left. I went to creative space and tried to engrave a letter and as soon as the laser starts to move down the alarm goes off. (Limit switches were still disabled).

I want to make sure I understand. The laser doesn’t move left when homing. But are you still getting an error message in Console? And to confirm, you disconnected both switches?

What happens if you disconnect the switches and attempt in XCS?

Also, did you disconnect the switches at the switch or at the controller?

Sorry I am confusing you. So before I thought I was unhooking both limit switches, but I had only unhooked the left one. Now I have unhooked both switches at the switch. When I hit home the laser doesn’t move at all. At that point the console reads: start home x left limit triggered and start home y up limit triggered. I have never used xtool creative space and don’t se anything about homeing the laser there. After more inspection of the left limit switch the 2 little prongs that protrude for the switch a lose. I’m not sure if that’s normal or not. If I hit the home icon 2 or 3 times the laser goes left to the machine and starts vibrating like it wants to go farther until I hit the bottom to stop it. I really appreciate your help in the fact that I’m almost an idiot when it comes to this stuff.

Everyone has a different familiarity level with these machines so relieve yourself of any stress.

Your test makes me think that the issue is indeed something wrong with the Y-limit switch. Try reconnecting the switches making sure you have good contact. Not sure what types of connectors go on there but if they are spade connectors then try pinching the connectors slightly to make them fit more securely.

Then try to home again.

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