Help! - Newbie here


So i am just getting into looking for a laser cutter.
I am a smalltime DIY girl who is looking to cut paper and wood.

I have a mac and am looking for a unit without breaking the bank (times are hard right now - covid :sob: )

Any advise or input on what cutter to get that works with this software and a mac and is super user friendly would be amazing!


Hi Liz
I use a Mac with my machine…just a tip, connect whatever machine you buy via ethernet and save yourself some potential usb problems(driver conflicts)I use a crossover cable but I have been told on here that I need only use a straight ethernet cable.

There is an analogy that I really appreciate (not 100% related to your question):

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I mentioned this because you listed a few requirements

  • Doesn’t break the bank (a highly relative threshold)
  • User Friendly (so)
    • Works with LightBurn
    • DSP Controlled
    • Reliable
    • Meets your needs

What are your requirements such as work area size, ventilation, material thickness, speed, connection type, material depth, rotary, machine footprint, etc. And probably the most important item to go along with these requirements: what’s your budget?

Don’t waste time even considering a GlowForge .
What’s your budget?

Under $600 - BUT I am not savy with electrical things - so the K40 scares me with all the upgrades needed.

Under $1000 if I can.

I am looking to cut paper and wood mostly.

The only CO2 laser remotely in that price range is the K40.

At around $1500 you will see the bigger “50w 500x300mm blue and white” that has a DSP controller, and at $2500 the even larger “60w 700x500 red and black” on eBay. These machines don’t necessarily require upgrades out of the crate, but still require a fair bit of tinkering and savvy to be able to set up and fix issues that pop up.

If you are not able or not willing to put in that work, then you should add a zero to your budget and go with a high end Chinese brand such as Thunder Laser, for example.

Also, a diode laser will not be good for cutting wood despite what it may claim.

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