Help on center object in frame

Is there a way to center an object to the middle of the frame. As you can see in the screenshots the object is off centered. Which means the object will be off centered on the coaster and therefore I can’t sell it and wasted time and a coaster.

Thanks, Duane

Select the image then whilst holding down the ‘Shift’ button select the frame, this will select both objects, then click on the ‘align both horizontal and vertical centres’ in ‘arrange’ menu

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2 options:

  1. Edit the image before import so that it’s cropped at the exact design boundaries
  2. Apply a mask in LightBurn and then Flatten Image Mask

PY, is of course right :+1: I assumed this was a simple case of centering an object within a frame, without paying attention to the cuts/layers pallet, which only showed an image layer.

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How do you crop a circle? Can that be done in Lightburn or do I need to download another software?

Leverage option 2 from above.

Menus - LightBurn Software Documentation

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