Help on Replacement Hinges for my Red&Black Chinese 80W Laser?

Hi Everyone, I hope this question fits here as the laser components also “hardware”…

As the title says I have a Red & Black Chinese 80W laser cutter I bought off of Amazon. Straight to the point, does anyone know where I can get new hinges for the thing that are identical (but hopefully better quality)?

What happened:
After about 100 projects (I know from saved files) and therefore about 400 door openings - both of the black metal hinges sheared right in half! I was left holding the door attached by only the fairly strong gas pistons. Looks like bubbly crap metal casting, but I would expect a hinge to last 100k cycles or more. Temporarily I have disconnected the pistons, and made some handy-dandy duct tape hinges (and constant arm power to keep the door open).

So I tried reaching out to the seller for replacement parts, and its been crickets (no response). The machine didn’t come with a manual (let alone a drawing, BOM, etc.), so I don’t know the part and I can’t seem to find anything identical online, in discussions,or anywhere else.

So if you have a part number, vendor, extra set, or other information please let me know. Thanks in advance for your help!

A picture with some dimensions might help.

Sure, that makes sense, thanks Joel. Sorry I thought I might just be standard across all of them. I don’t have the dimensions on me at the moment (maybe 2" long, and 1.5" wide across the two hinge halves), but here is a picture.

$5 local hardware store, just drill new holes and use same bolts from broken hinges image

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Haha, I suppose that works, thanks! I was thinking something more OEM, but it is just a Chinese laser. And I didn’t want to drill new holes in the machine, but it looks like you just drilled holes in the hinge to match. So that’ll do :+1: :ok_hand:

Yes, quick and dirty but works well and will outlast those sintered chinese ones. I got a $10 refund from ebay seller as laser arrived with broken hinges and they only cost me $5. Good service from ebay seller. My tube blew recently and they refunded me $500 so i could get a replacement. So i ended up getting the better tube i was going to replace it with anyway with the refund money! How good is that!!!

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My 80w red&black has different hinges than yours.

That is a good seller, and also a good deal!

Hank, thanks for sharing. That is certainly different, and looks pretty clean. I assume you don’t have any part number or info on those either though… Are they bolted from the inside or spot welded or something?

Bolts on. No idea where to get them.

Try here.

Nice, thanks. More options than the local hardware store

No problem you can also buy blanks and drill them yourself.

These are 50mm x 50mm hole spacing about 30mm. They are what I used on my laser.

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Cool, thanks. I will have to double check my hole spacing first. And I was going to say it would be nice if they were black, but there is a “2020 Series Black” option.

Those look about the same as the cheap hinges that BOSS uses on their machines. I was able to use part # 240990 from Home Depot as a direct fit, no need to re-drill any holes. Bought some I believe M6 bolts and even used the original nuts on the existing hinges.

Okay, thanks. Cheap and sturdy works.

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