Help! Output size different to frame size?

Hi all,

I have recently downloaded the lightburn software and am a complete rookie. The output size that is being cut is around 1.5 times bigger than the frame size. I have seen people talking about GRBL and lens settings, not sure how I check these. Any help would be appreciated.

A really good place to start

Hey, thanks for that. I got it all set up but the physical cut is now smaller than my file. I am just trying to mark a 50mm square for testing but it is coming out at 30mm. Am i doing something wrong?

Under “Machine Settings” you have the option to calibrate your axes, but this is probably more intended as a fine-tuning. You can of course try to see if it solves your problem.
To me it sounds more like you haven’t set up the machine right.
It would be great if someone with the same machine here in the forum would share their basic machine settings with you.

I see right now that you have a fiber laser, is that correct? In this case I don’t even know if axis calibration is possible, sorry.

When you first set up your device profile in LightBurn, did you import the markcfg7 file from your EZCad folder? This file contains important settings which affect the scale of your red dot framing and actual output. One or both of these may need adjusting.

If you can find the markcfg7 file and import that, it’s best that you do that now. Click ‘Devices’ > Double-click your laser on the list > Click ‘Next’ > Click ‘Import EZCad Config’ > Find and select the markcfg7 file > Click ‘Next’ until finished.

If you do not have this file, or already imported it but the scale is not correct, you’ll have to complete an additional process to correct the scale.

This can be done entirely through LightBurn:

Or by creating a COR file using an EZCad utility:

Here’s a guide on adjusting the Red Dot (framing) alignment:

Hi Tyler,

It is not letting me import the markcfg7 file - the file type just says ‘file’ and is not importable, so I set the device up myself. Do you know why this is? I have got it to work, I am using a theta F290 lens, but now, I am struggling to get the quality correct. I have attached an image - the clear engraving in the corner is using my F100 lens, the faint engraving is on the F290. I have tried turning up the speed/power and turning it down in different increments, and it seems to make little difference, except if the power is too high, it wants to burn.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

See attached pic here.

I’m not sure why the markcg7 file is not importing. Make sure you’re not selecting ‘Import’ at the bottom of the Devices window, but selecting the markcfg7 file after double clicking your device from the list, then clicking next, and selecting ‘Import EZCad Config’. If that’s how you’re doing it please share a screenshot of whatever error message you’re seeing. Please also upload the markcfg7 file here, so I can take a look.

In any case, you will want to set up different device profiles for your different lenses, as the necessary lens correction values will be different for your different lenses. It’s also important that you make sure you are adjusting your focus when using different lenses- failure to do so could explain the difference in quality you’re seeing after changing lenses.

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