Help Please laser beam

Aligned my laser mirrors, beam doesn’t come out of the tip of the laser, If I take my tip off it fires fine when I pulse. 60w Orion Motortech laser, ruida controller.

I fingered it out. I was hitting a side wall, haha

i lied, My normal settings that I use to cut this one thing is now not cutting all the way through, its not even reaching the back of the board. ~sigh~

When you use the term “out of the tip of the laser,” one is inclined to think you mean the end of the laser tube. Do you mean instead to say “the tip of the nozzle” which is located on the gantry and is the exit point for the beam, after it passes through the mirrors and lens?

If so, it’s important to note where the laser enters the last mirror in relation to the center line of the vertical lens tube assembly. The lens will do its best to pull an off-center beam back into alignment, but it should be as nearly perfectly centered on the lens as possible and as such, not centered on the final mirror.

Set up a piece of masking tape or paper target on the entrance to the final mirror and fire off a pulse from the panel. Low power and a brief press is all that’s needed to make a burn. If it’s not in the appropriate location for centering on the lens, you have your work cut out for you.

Ive aligned my mirrors 2 times so far. 1 last week and once this week. I’m as centered as I’m going to get on mirror 2 & 3. Mirror one is a little low and I can’t adjust my tube height due to the type of clams that came with the system. I was doing better but my settings needed to adjust higher to cut. It’s sucking right now bc I have a ton of orders to make and it’s taking longer but I intend to basically replace the lense, mirrors, tube clamps (to adjustable ones ) replace the air system. My other laser I have a compressor that I’m going to harvest and install.

I feel as though I could do better with stronger exhaust as well. Currently I have a 395cfm but I’m thinking of putting in a second one because I’m doing a 90 from the ground up to my vent that goes outside.

Do you have a link for your compressor ?

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