Help please with settings GRBL

would like to no if these settings or right as my laser is burring just on carboard don’t seem to be getting full power here is the code



































Try reducing speed or increasing power in your cut setting.

got 90% max power and speed 50mm/sec

What’s the output wattage of your laser module? 50 mm/sec (3000 mm/min) could still be quite high. Try lowering down below 500 mm/min.

its 700mm 7w

Did you mean 700nm? As in the wavelength? Does it produce a red light?

Do you have a link to anything that describes the particular model? Not sure what kind of engraving you’ll be able to do with a 700nm laser.

sorry its a 450nm output power 700w(7w)

and it as a blue light

I’ll assume you meant 7000mW(7W). If not, correct me as the guidance will be different. If this is truly a 7W output you should easily be seeing markings on cardboard at 90% power at even 3000 mm/min.

Try running a powerscale test:

Can you send a photo of the result?

it only seems to burn some thing on the carboard at 30.0 mm/sec
im doing some thing wrong

Are you sure it’s focused properly?


That’s still fairly fast. Did you have a chance to run the test pattern? That will take out a lot of guess work from this.

ye i thing there must be some thing wrong with my settings i am new to all this

Does this mean yes it’s focused or?

Focus is part of settings…


where is the settings for that thanks

i did ye don’t seem to be doing any thing

Please take a photo of the results of the test pattern and post here. Dramatically lower the speed settings if you need.

Also, generally for diode lasers speeds are referenced in mm/min rather than mm/s. This is done because speeds are slower for diode lasers.

James Dean has a good video on setup with the CNC3018. Might take a few and follow it. See if it clears things up a bit.


add watch of the video add pay with the laser set to speed mm/min put 1000 in seeing the text on the mdf just about burns it set to 600 and it did engraved in to the wood

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