Help Please! Y axis movement short

Hi Guys,
I’m looking for some help. I have a Genmitsu LC-40 (I’m only a hobbist), and I have noticed today that when I rapid the machine from X0, Y0 home position to Y50mm, the machine only moves 45mm. When I move it from X0, Y0 to X50mm, it moves 50mm as it should.
The strange this is, if i draw and cut a 50mm x 50mm square, it cuts X50.00mm x Y 50.02mm so that bit is perfect.
I have calibrated the machine using the inbuilt Lightburn calibration, but this is baffling me and I’m hoping someone else has had the same issue and might shed some light(burn) on it for me.

How are you determining this?

What speeds are you burning? How does this compare to your rapid speeds?

Is it possible that you’re losing steps on the rapid moves but not the burns?

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