Help! Replacement of a M2 Controller board

Hi everybody!
I’m new in this forum and hope to find help here. I 've got a china CO2-Lasercutter. Originally, the machine was delivered with a Lihuiyu m3 Nano Laser Controller and the software Corel Laser. I think it’s this controller:

This worked but now, I would like to start working with Lightburn. It seems, that this controller board is not compatible with Lightburn. Do everyone knows a good and simple alternative to replace this controller? Thanks for helping!
Regards Whabby

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Assuming this is a K40 type, many companies make drop in replacement controllers for these that support standard gcode.

I’ve seen them from OMTech and Monport… We’ve seen some questionable monport boards so I’d suggest you try OMTech…


I have one of “Dodgey” Monport boards, it appears to be outputting 1% of power selected, (can’t remember what I was doing I think I mistyped values in a material test) and found 0-1 power gave good results, my Quick fix was to change $30 from 1000 to 100,000 and left S-Value at 1000, so Lightburn was telling it to show it would send 100 more times the power. Now I can work with numbers I am used to and so far have not found any issues with this…so far, Not sure if this is a solution or just a quirk with my particular LPS.

Check this.

Yes, I figured this out. But the shipment for US to Switzerland costs more then 50$, so this is unfortunately not an option for me.

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I think they ship from Europe.

Also check out these two 1 2 links.

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