Help the power supply

using lightburn 0.9.02 and grbl 1.1F
Is this true
outlet ((TH)) ???

TL /TH are “test low / test high”

((TH)) don’t connect

You may want to use an entire sentence to explain your question.

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In any pin I put it (( I’m sorry my English is weak))

You can use your native language and we will translate on our end. Please be as detailed as you can be. We can use

You have not provided any useful information here. What board is this? What are you trying to do? What have you done? And what was the result of your action.

Saying “Is this true
outlet ((TH)) ??? or ((TH)) don’t connect” in any language is not helping anyone to understand what you are asking.

No, this input is not typically connected, but as Rick said, we need more information to give you good advice.

TH (Test High) is the test pin. Usually TL is connected to ground and TH is connected to 5v through a button (I think), so that when you press the button it test-fires the laser.