Help to find video

I was told there was a light burn video that shows’ how to get the laser to quit burning and then travel before reversing direction. I’m asking because when changing direction on glass the laser is over burning the glass ( deep spot ) Not sure I’m describing this right.

The concept you are describing is known as ‘OverScan’, which is managed in the controller for your Boss system. Are you trying to scan at an angle by chance?

On Ruida hardware (controller included in this Boss), scan angles that are multiples of 90 degrees are supported natively by the hardware and will automatically overscan for you. Other angles are scanned using standard cutting commands.

We really don’t recommend using angled scans on Ruida for anything but artistic fill patterns. You can get pretty clean results if your Min Power is set properly.

If not on an angle, let us know and we can go from there.

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