Help to join 2 notes

Some time I have problem with join 2 notes. And another problem is can not change the like in the center same color with the one around. I attached the picture and the file, please fix it for me.
Thank you very much.

Scout Laws.lbrn (600.8 KB)

Use Arrange > Break Apart and then Tools > Auto-Join to re-connect all the pieces.

Sometimes it’s possible to get shapes that are stored in a way that confuses the editor, and breaking them up and re-assembling them like this cleans it up. We’re working on fixing this, but it’s hard to track down all the ways it can happen.

Scout Laws.lbrn (608.9 KB)

Yes, I delete the red area in the middle of picture and I can join all the notes.
That’s missed spell too, may be your program find out I missed spell so it show me the error. :smiley:
Thanks for your support.
Have a good Sunday.

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