Help to setup Due Flow

Hello everyone!

I have a Due Flow ( Machines | Due Laser ( a Brazilian made C02 Laser.

I can configure the Due Flow in Lightburn but I can’t make it work properly. It used the GRBL driver on USB. Movements are working and so, but I can’t find a way to home and set the right coordinates.

It has a working area of 600x380 and every time it starting to cut it goes to a side.

The seller user support didn’t know how to configure to use LB - it uses a modified version of Inkscape with a plugin, but this software is way too bad to use compared to LB.

What information should I get from the seller that could help setup it properly on LB?

Can you provide the following:

  1. Full screenshot of LightBurn with a design loaded and Laser and Move windows showing
  2. Screenshot of Device Settings window
  3. Open Console window and run these commands one at a time. Then return the output:
  1. Can you confirm whether or not your machine has homing switches? If so, to what corner does your machine home? Does it automatically home on machine startup?

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