Help upgrade leetro mpc6585 a ruida rdc6445s

I urgently need your support, I bought a used LXJ1290 laser machine and it came with the Leetro MPC 6585 controller card, and since I bought it I never knew how to use the program and configure the machine, and after finding out I knew that I could change for a Ruida RDC 6445s controller now that could be used with several programs and was much easier to learn, recently I was able to raise the money to buy and order from China, the equipment arrived and I tried to change the cables based on a publication that is in this same photo but there is no point I can’t get the panel to work and turn on. Connect each cable. I don’t know if it will be the pins or the voltage, which may be different. I would appreciate any help you can give me. I am from Chile and buying this machine was a great investment, but I don’t want to think that the purchase was for nothing.

Is the original controller still in the machine? Did you use the original connectors without any changes to plug into the Ruida?

Does the Ruida power up without anything but it’s console and power?

Curious, what is the use of the huge Z axes motor driver?


Hi, is the original driver still in the machine? I changed it, put the driver based on another forum and it describes how the pins should go.
Did you use the original connectors without any changes to plug into the Ruida? The connectors are original from the noise controller and the connection is fine, well I think so. Should I do something else?

Does the Ruida power up OK?

Any error messages on it’s console?


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