Help upgrading "universal" engraver

Hello, I recently purchased an entry level engrave that I believe was meant to be operated with Benbox, but since it didn’t come with software or software support, I dn’tt know. I ultimately ended up purchasing Lightburn and flashing the Arduino nano to GRBL 1.1h. As soon as I get the firmware operating, the diode laser stops making power. It’s worth noting, that the power switch supplying power to the diode and steppers is touchy, but since the steppers are operating, I believe my laser module is failing. Judging by the customer support from the manufacture, I don’t believe I’Il be getting a replacement.

Theorized Solution
I want to scrap the Arduino/A4988 set up due to the faulty power switch and upgrade to the Cronos maker GRBL 0.9/1.1 control board.

Due to the diode laser malfunctioning I want to replace it with the OXlasers 5.5W 450nm 40x70mm module.

I hope to replace the brain and the laser with credible parts and hopefully delete many of my issues. And operate smoothy with Lightburn.


  1. Will the above controller operate with Lightburn?
  2. Will said control board need GRBL flashed to it with xloader?
  3. Im pretty sure it will, but is the laser module compatible with the control board?
  4. Am i missing anything, or is there any tips or advice that can make this easier, more reliable, or longer lasting?

Any help would be appreciated, especially before spending more money. Thank you for any information or solutions. I apologize if this is already covered in the forum, I tried to find a post before making one.

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