Help, what software will help me

I purchased a CNC3-3018 PRO router / laser machine, I have never owned one and purchased it online. I put it together and the software that came with it was on a mini cd which I don’t have anything that will read a mini cd. Before I could go purchase something I set something on it and broke it. What software can I download that will operate the machine. I have tried serval but they do not recognize the machine. Any recommendations?

Are you thinking we might make a recommendation other than LightBurn? :wink:

Have a look at this post to help you get started:

And you can try LightBurn out for yourself before deciding to purchase with our 30 Day- Free trial.

According to the web page for this product, the device uses GRBL running on an Arduino. That sounds to me (uneducated in the world of GRBL-Lightburn) that Lightburn should work, if one gets the right drivers for one’s computer installed.

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