Help! Where do I find the cut optimization settings window?

I saw it mentioned in a forum post but for the life of me can’t find it. I am wondering where it is, and always where to see the cut start editor that is referenced in a post as well. Thank you!Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 8.55.32 AM


Hiding in plain sight. sigh #thatKindOfDay - thank you thank you for your help! Appreciated. :slight_smile: Now off to google “hide backlash”… !

A work in progress…:

Awesome! I will work through that material. Thank you!

@LightBurn has been known to do that with many of the ‘things’. :wink: As an FYI, remember your friends, Hover = Tool Tips, Hover+F1 = Pop window to Documentation Help, Preview = Measure Twice/Cut Once.

We have been building out this set of resources over the last few releases to help. From a “Start to Finish” project - providing basic LightBurn knowledge for new users, as well as going deeper into the more advanced features, while presenting in a better organized way. We hope folks like it.

Please excuse and report any dust-bunnies you come across. Also been working and updating the video collection, although that is going to take longer.

hove + f1 = awesome! thank you!!

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