Help with a Duke Logo

I’m sorry to be such a pain. I have learned so much, but have so far to go!

I am trying to burn the Duke Blue Devils Logo. I worked with Lightburn to get the Blue Devil head just the way I want it. However, when I try to add the Duke “D” over the top, I can’t figure out how to create a “space” between the head and the D so it separates.

I got the logo here:

Here are my images separated and then combined:

OMG! I figured it out! I duplicated the head, centered it where I wanted it over the D and then did a Boolean Intersection. That cut the shape of the head out of the D. Then I moved the head into place and it looks great!


You could even offset the original logo a little and subtract that from the logo. I’m using image traces of your pictures above to illustrate, so it might not be pretty, but you’ll get the idea:

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