Help with a new LightBurn camera - camera is freezing after a few seconds

I recently received a new 8MP Camera (4K-N) from Lightburn. When I connect it to my Win 10 laptop it will give me a brief image that shows in the Camera Control window and then it freezes and all the buttons are grayed out. When I try to go into the camera calibration it does the same thing and removes all options and grays out the “next” button not letting me go any further. I can connect the camera to my work Win 10 laptop and it works in Zoom meetings just fine so it doesn’t seem to be hardware related.

I found another thread from a year ago about this same issue where it was thought to be a Windows 10 security issue. The camera access was already enabled so I flipped it off and back on again, no luck. I also changed LightBurn to run in Windows 8 compatibility mode, as well as run as administrator, but that isn’t working either. I saw there was a link to a beta version of LB that fixed it for some folks but the link is dead now.

When I view the camera using the Camera app on this same laptop it brings up video for one second and then freezes, then again for one second then freezes, over and over again. I don’t run any anti-virus on this laptop other than Windows Defender and I found no way to give camera permissions in there. Is there anything else I need to check or do?

Updating to say that my husband found a workaround so we have the camera working now but the resolution is horrible. When I capture an image is says it’s only 160x120. This is the 8MP version. How do I get the camera to use the full resolution?

Updating again to say I think we figured it out. We were trying to use USB over ethernet. When connecting the camera directly to the laptop it’s full resolution as it should be. When using USB over ethernet causes the resolution to be low. Going to try a powered USB hub to see if that helps.

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