Help with Arrays - TIME SENSITIVE

Hello all. I hope you can help.

I need to create an array of a design to do a number of ornaments. When I create the array everything works great (text is curved along paths, etc.). However, when I save and then reopen that same file, all of the text that was along paths is now not along paths. Only the original is correct.

How can you prevent this from happening?

Before you create the array, convert the text to paths from the Edit menu.


The association between the path and the text isn’t preserved by the array functions (grid, radial, or copy along path). I wanted to get the text on a path function released quickly, and these are relatively complicated. They are in progress, and will hopefully be fixed for the next release.

For now, Blake is correct - convert the text to paths and then it’s just shapes like anything else, and will copy correctly.

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