Help with boolean weld

I have been successful using the boolean tool to weld font to circle and rectangle outlines but I am trying to merge this bowl with the outline and its not giving me the option for boolean. Does anyone have some insight as to what I am doing wrong? I grouped the two outer circles and I grouped the bowl but the only option i get i to weld and then the bowl disappears.

First, the bowl does not appear to be a single object, like a group. Also, the way it’s built suggests that at least part of it is open - It looks like two nested ovals and a U shape that is open.

The open curve will not weld because it needs to be a closed shape. Weld and the Boolean tools all work on closed areas, not just lines.

For what you’re trying to do here, I’d suggest selecting the bowl, using ‘Offset’ to create a single outline around it, and trying to weld or boolean with that instead.

The offset did the trick, Thank you.

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