Help with breaking apart this image (SOLVED)

I need help with this image. I have used the Arrange/Break Apart feature so that they are at least separated, but now I cant select each individual item because they are so close together. Is there a way to auto space them apart.

Hi Chris,

Question: is this a vector import (SVG maybe) or a image that you are tracing?

Are you aware that there are two types of selection? (Moving Around The Workspace - LightBurn Documentation) This might ease it a little bit.
Though, I guess you need to use inclusive selection for the main part and then hold down ctrl+shift and deselect the shapes that do not belong to that selection. It will be some manual work, but it should be accomplished fast.

What Melvin said!

And on that i will also share this guide.

An alternative solution could be - after breaking apart - focusing on the outer shape - select the outside bounding shape - Auto Join
Then having that shape selected > Edit > Select Contained shapes.
Add the outer “shell” shape > Group

Bit of a work out but could work.


That’s even better :slight_smile: If there is no closed outer shape, you could use the line tool and quickly draw a “manual lasso” selection around the shapes that shall be selected.



Thank You for your help the Manual Laso technique worked.