Help with camera calibration

Hi I’m trying to help my old boss set up the camera on his Co2 laser. He has mounted it in the hood and yesterday I was trying to get it calibrated and everything for him. I followed the instructions but I felt like it was really far removed and I couldn’t see what was on the bed properly when I moved to the next step.

I know he got the camera from lightbulb and he says the focal length is 737 mm and the table is 1 meter any help you could give me would be really appreciated

Start with this:

And it would be useful if you can post a picture of what you mean when you say “but I felt like it was really far removed”.

Thanks! The honeycomb was showing when I get in I’ll try everything again with it covered and see if that fixes it!

Hi ok so we made it through the calibration steps and ran the alignment wizard pattern but when we try to capture a picture to continue it shows up like this. This is farther than we got last time but we’re not sure what is happening now

When you went through the calibration, did any of the results say ‘nan’ ? If so, you need to do those over again. The latest version of LightBurn (0.9.14) should not allow these through. Previous versions could.

We downloaded the newest version and it fixed our problems thank you!

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