Help with camera purchase

Hello, I’m looking to purchase a camera for my laser and I’m quite confused on which one to buy so I figured I would ask before I purchased since there are no refunds. My laser is 27.6 X 19.7 inches. The measurement from directly above my laser is 27.1 inches. I see the camera help guide tells you to get the minimum size. I was looking at the 8MP camera for my laser and dont know if I need to get the 95 degree lense or the 110 degree lense since both of them should fit. Thank you so much for your help!

It would appear the 8mp-95 would work. The 8mp-N-75 would also work. You’re looking for one that will need less than the height you have available, but not too much less.


Thank you for the reply! The reason I didnt look at the N-75 is due to me having a Mac and it saying its not compatible with Macs. I will place my order for the 95. Thanks again!

Yup - that’s the right choice.

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