Help with camera selection

I’m new to lasers but came across a AP Laser 1612 30 laser for about the price of a K40. I like the idea of the open bottom but want to add a camera. Are there any other AP users that have suggestions on cameras?

If you have the machine, you can use the camera selection helper in LightBurn to help you pick:

I should be more specific with my question. The laser is actually 18 x 12, I won’t pick it up until Monday 2/15/21. After looking at the help section I came up with two options that would be close to what I think might be right. #1 8mp W-95 or #2 8mp N-75. I have been told that the measurement from the center to the engraving area it right around 15”. That being said which would get a better result? Keep in mind that this unit is several years old and does not have the exhaust hose out of the top of the unit.

Both of those would work fine. The 8mp-W-95 is a physically larger camera, with bigger optics, so it’s a bit easier to focus and will have a better quality picture, but the size of the machine doesn’t really need that much resolution - you’d be fine with either.

Thank you, that was what I was looking for

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