Help with choosing the proper software

I apologize as this has probably been asked a ton but when I searched it did not come back with an answer.
I have a K40 and a xTool D1 now and I was just using the original software.
I have been using RDworks for the k40 which I read “says” it’s an Ruida. It has the attached controller which I believe is an Ruida. I just need help confirming this.

Xcs for xtool which when I read about it shows it’s a GCode style.

If I am reading correctly on the “which” do you need the DSP license will work with both.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you all

Yes. That’s a Ruida controller and panel. Using RDWorks to control is essentially verification of this.

You will need the DSP license to run the Ruida. DSP license includes gcode functionality so will cover the xTool D1 as well.

Interesting there is no label…?

When you connect with Lightburn, Edit → Machine Settings → Save

That gives you a good backup of the configuration settings… it’s easy to save a pristine vendor copy somewhere away and isolated.


Thank you. I appreciate it. The RDWorks was what made me think that.

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