Help with chuck rotary setup and workflow

24x35 new version 80W Chinese laser, New version Ruida Controler (the one with the vertical orientation). Setting up my chuck style rotary Everything makes sense to me in the instructions, cabled to Y axis via bulkhead connector. 1. When I turn the machine on, Y axis (now the rotary) starts a homing cycle at a very high speed. Sounds like it skips steps even. 2. After enabling rotary, Setting my diameter, circumference, and steps per rotation, I hit test and my X axis crashes to the right ignoring my soft limits. Not sure exactly what the Y was doing as I was diving for my E stop button. I guess im asking a couple things. First as to why my machine is not acting as expected and how to resolve it. Second, What is the general work flow going from standard flat operations to rotary operations?

What do you mean by this? Can you provide a model number (e.g. 6445, 6442, 6344, 6332, 320, 5121).

Because you are sharing Y for the Rotary, understand your machine when powered up is running a standard homing function. Y is thus seeking home waiting for feedback from a proximity switch (either magnetic or mechanical).

I do not power my machine on with rotary enabled. If I do, I simply cancel the homing process via the HMI, disable rotary from the control panel. Switch my rotary toggle into a neutral position, disconnect the rotary, position my toggle to the Y axis of the gantry, and reinitialize the machine.

Workflow to go from flat to rotary for me:

  • Install my rotary placeholder jig on to the bed
  • Lower bed to clear height of rotary
  • Move laser head into rotary position (centered on work area) through a stored coordinate on the move panel of LightBurn
  • Manually turn Y axis toggle switch on my machine to the neutral position
  • Plug in my 3 pin, 3 phase rotary into the machine‚Äôs rotary port
  • Manually turn Y axis toggle switch on my machine to the rotary enable position
  • Enable Rotary in Lightburn
  • Measure diameter of object and place measurement into designated field
  • Engrave away

suppose it is just the new display as its layout has changed. Model number on the controller is RDC6442G-B.

I think i may have sorted it out but I am still wondering why, when I hit test from the rotary setup screen my X axis would immediately travel to the right and crash ignoring any soft limits.

Can you establish a control test by leaving the rotary out of the first step of troubleshooting?

  • In Lightburn, check to see that the rotary is not enabled.
  • Reset your machine.
  • Jog your machine along X and Y.

Does anything crash?

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