Help with Co2laser

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hi sorry for the mistakes but I’m writing through a translator. I live in Uk but I come from Poland. I have a problem with the connection of the laser to my computer. The laser delivered with a damaged usb memory (no software), the manufacturer does not respond to my e-mails. I don’t know what the software and drivers were. I am using RdWorks 8 and I always have a connection error message :joy: I installed LightBurn yesterday and everything is fine (but it is paid after 30 days) do you know the reason for the connection problems? greetingsarian

Why not switch to lightburn?
If you purchase it fast… it is still at the old price! :smiley:

In a week or so the price will go up…

Hi You said you installed LightBurn yesterday and everything is fine so is the connection error you mention only with RDWorks?

Take a picture of the connection error and share it for help

I bought the laser from a pendrive with which the software was supposed to be, unfortunately for some reason it was empty. From information found on websites, I found out that RdWorks can handle co2 laser, but I couldn’t connect it to my laser. I will buy a lightburn because he coped with the computer-laser connection without any problems.

first attempts :grin: