Help with converting Leetro to Ruida. Anyone have experience with this or have some documentation?

First off I want to let you know I really appreciate everyone helping me and answering all my questions. I have not upgraded yet because my production work prevents me from taking my machine down. I am worried to take it down, upgrade and run into a problems and be down for a week or more.

That being said, I am finding myself more and more needing to upgrade. I really want to move to LightBurn. I am a Illustrator designer and hate to do it, but I have a couple more questions for you as I prep to move to Lightburn and Ruida.

  1. Does everyone recommend for me to upgrade to a Ruida and is the RDC6445G DSP the best to get? If so do you think “CloudRay” is a good source to get it?

  2. Are there specific information I need to get out of my Leetro drivers before I take things apart? Such as the pulley teeth number and or any driver information that I will need to put into the Ruida or new dsp?

  3. I assume Light Burn will work right out of the box and I don’t have to mess with any other software to get it going?

  4. I also want to upgrade from a 60watt to 100watt tube. Is it a bad idea for me to do this at the same time or should I just get the new DSP and LightBurn going first then upgrade?

You don’t happen to know of a tutorial or anything like that somewhere, with good info on how to upgrade do you?

Thank You,

Martin Raynsford converted from Leetro to Ruida and documented quite a lot of it. You might find his blog posts helpful:

Oh man!!! That helps me a lot. Thank You.
Are there settings that tell the DSP if you are using an 60 watt laser vs. 100 watt?

Nope - you just pick the output power by trial & error, and adjust down for a stronger tube.

Hi Dave,

Here are some additional answers to the actual questions you posed that hopefully will help you:

  1. The 6445 is a good model, and CloudRay has good service. There is more information by Oz and one of our power users here:
    Considering buying a RDC6445G from Cloudray - any insights?

  2. In general, when you do any sort of rewiring, you should take detailed pictures of how it all was before. You should also locate any settings in the Leetro controller for all those machine specific details you mention and take detailed notes of what all these values are. You will need to put them all into the new controller.

  3. LightBurn will let you modify the vendor settings on the Ruida so you should not need a different software.

  4. Minimize how many variables you change. Do one thing at a time. That’s an important thing to keep in mind for everything we are talking about doing here.

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