Help with Cuts/Image Mode


I’ve been slowly getting my GRBL Diode Laser working and had to redo my endstops for homing and then reorient my axis. Before doing this work I could select all of the image modes in the cut settings editor (dither, greyscale, etc.).

Now that I have the axis set correctly and the camera configured I can no longer select the mode for the image. The image mode is locked on threshold and the min power is greyed out.

In GRBL I have laser mode enabled. The PWM for the diode is set 0 - 1000.

But I don’t know if I changed a setting in lightburn that has casued this.

Thanks for your help.


I am confused as there is no setting that would “lock” the image mode on any one of the image choices. Please post your .lbrn file for review.

Im on OSX what is the .lbrn file?

It is the native file created when you save a project in LightBurn.

Got it… Thank you… Heres the Header for the file

#<CutSetting_Img type=“Image”>

    <name Value="C00"/>
    <minPower Value="10"/>
    <maxPower Value="100"/>
    <minPower2 Value="10"/>
    <maxPower2 Value="20"/>
    <speed Value="100"/>
    <kerf Value="0"/>
    <zOffset Value="0"/>
    <enableLaser1 Value="1"/>
    <enableLaser2 Value="0"/>
    <startDelay Value="0"/>
    <endDelay Value="0"/>
    <throughPower Value="0"/>
    <throughPower2 Value="0"/>
    <enableCutThrough Value="0"/>
    <priority Value="0"/>
    <frequency Value="20000"/>
    <overrideFrequency Value="0"/>
    <PPI Value="0"/>
    <enablePPI Value="0"/>
    <doOutput Value="0"/>
    <hide Value="0"/>
    <runBlower Value="1"/>
    <blowerSpeedOverride Value="0"/>
    <blowerSpeedPercent Value="100"/>
    <overcut Value="0"/>
    <rampLength Value="0"/>
    <numPasses Value="1"/>
    <zPerPass Value="0"/>
    <perforate Value="0"/>
    <perfLen Value="1"/>
    <perfSkip Value="1"/>
    <dotMode Value="0"/>
    <dotTime Value="0"/>
    <dotSpacing Value="0"/>
    <scanOpt Value="individual"/>
    <bidir Value="1"/>
    <crossHatch Value="0"/>
    <overscan Value="1"/>
    <overscanPercent Value="2"/>
    <floodFill Value="0"/>
    <interval Value="0.15"/>
    <angle Value="0"/>
    <passThrough Value="1"/>
    <ditherMode Value="threshold"/>
    <dpi Value="169"/>
    <linkDPItoInterval Value="1"/>

// </CutSetting_Img>

The reason you can not choose a different image mode is that you have ‘Pass-Through’ set to the ON (green) position. Pass-Through tells LightBurn to not touch your image, so none of the image processing modes are valid when on. If you want LightBurn to process your image using one of the image modes, turn ‘Pass-Through’ to OFF (dark-red).

Thank you… didn’t know that and would have hit every other button trying to figure it out.

Your my hero today.


Glad you are sorted. Out of curiosity, why did that get turned on? Was this not your intention to pass the image through LightBurn without processing?

I really don’t know… probably clicked it by mistake being a noob.

Thank you. I ask to see if there is anything needed to help others who might have a similar issue, that’s all. :slight_smile:

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