Help with cutting out shape in graphic

Hi, i need to cut out areas of a graphic, for example
I have a brickwork svg that i want to cut out the areas for doors and windows i have tried converting to bitmap, tracing, but i just cant cut the section away from the texture that i want, can this be done in lightburn or do i havd to do it all in inkscape( which i can do) and then load it into lightburn
i have tried the borleon functions, but no joy,
i dont want to waste more time if its not possible so thought i would ask on here
Nick D

go into inkscape, but you svg brick patter below the shape you want to cut out. select both then click Object > Cllip > Set Inverse (LPE). If I understood you correctly that should be what you want.

to test I made a quick brickwork design of brick shaped blocks. grouped them together than follow my directions above and got a brick wall with a hole in it.

edit: I forgot to test to see what happened with an import back to light burn. it didn’t keep the transforms. checking/testing some more

edit2:I had to export to a png to keep the clipped image intact so far.
other than cutting each brick the shape crosses individually that is all I have, both ways will work. this last is more work though. maybe someone else has a better method. image editing is an option too.

Edit: I then traced the image once back in Lightburn and it looked pretty good. I hope I didn’t make this harder than It needed to be.

Thanks for the help, i was hoping i could do it in lightburn, but its no prob doing it in inkscape, ill try that
Thanks everso much for replying

You can do it in LightBurn using the ‘Cut Shapes’ tool.

well damn, I was doing it the really hard way! Thanks!

edit: seems like the parts I was working with above had some open paths and was interfering with my little example I was working with.
That cut shapes tools works very nicely Oz. Defiantly missed that, learned about nice tool today.