Help with efficiency in laser paths - lowering engraving time?

We’re looking to lower the time it takes to engrave similar products in acrylic.
Is there a way to improve the efficiency here? I know we can select each shape and/or letter and process them individually, but that doesn’t help with a large border 1/8" border as seen in our image. What’s the best way to process a border like this that will reduce travel in between burns?

General tips on file design / order of processing / etc are welcomed as well.

Current settings are 250mm/s x 16.5% power on a 130w red/black ruida china laser w/ lightburn.


Most likely the fastest way to run this is going to be “Scan all shapes at once”.

You can try selecting JUST the 1/8" border and putting that on its own layer with Flood Fill enabled and “Scan shapes individually”. Do not use that setting for “general” use, as there are still issues with the way it generates complex paths that Ruida controllers don’t like. If you try this, I’d also group each YMCA logo, and then use “Scan groups together”, so the two green pieces scan separately and you avoid the long traversals between them.

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I’ll give it a try! Thanks!

Oz, your methods saved me more than 1/2. Went from over 80 minutes to 40:52.

You just saved me 6 hours of work/waiting around tomorrow!

Don’t rely on the preview estimate - Take it to the machine and use the “Calc Time” option in the file menu to compute it accurately. The preview doesn’t take acceleration into account yet - that’s in the next release.

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