Help with engraving Images

I cannot get lightburn to engrave an image. If I use GRBL it will engrave no problem. In lightburn I get a gcode error. Any help would be great. Thanks, Dave

Can you copy and paste the error that you’re getting or take a screenshot?


Do File->Save gcode and save to a file with .txt extension. Then upload that file here.

Im not having any luck when i paste the gcode text, the forum page freezes. I am using my phone to type this. Can we do this by email? Mine is [Email Redacted] thanks for your help. Dave

I think this will work better for you to look at the Gcode

Thanks, Dave

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; GCode clustering enabled (max 8)
G4 P1

Some engravers do not have ‘clustering’.

Click Edit, then click Device Settings… Turn off the ‘Enable GCode Clustering’ switch… Then Carefully click ok at the bottom. We really want to make sure the setting stays put. :slight_smile:

Thank you. It seems to be working now. Dave

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