Help with engraving thin aluminum business cards

I need some assistance with engraving aluminum business cards, I have an ortur laser 20 w. I have engraved wood, mirrors, tiles and leather so far and got it to cut 1/8 in. basswood.
I can not get it to make a mark on the cards or some stainless steel stamping pendants also.
I have it set to mm/min. and have used the lowest speed and highest power and still won’t even scratch the surface.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are your cards anodized aluminum?
I’m afraid you’re not going to have much luck making a permanent mark on uncoated metals.

Yes they are anodized aluminum bought off Amazon, the 50 pack multi colors. I have seen people engrave them with that cute little cricut machine😀. I figured I wouldn’t have any problems with the laser engraving.

Hmm. if they’re anodized they should work fine. Are you sure you’re well focused? No mark even if you slow way down?

Edit: I see you said you went at the “slowest speed”. What speed did you use?

No mark at all, do you have to focus your laser for different materials? My laser beam is pretty small circle no distortion. I just figured cause how my engravings came out on the wood, the mirrors and leather I wouldn’t have to focus it. I engraved some small 1x1 in. Images and text on leather bracelets and they came out nice. Is the knob suppose to turn fairly easy? I feel like I’m going to break it when I try to turn the knob.
I will try again when I’m done with a picture I’m engraving, there was a congratulatory note in the box that said I was selected to receive the new 2021 model that wasn’t going to be available until later in the year. The only difference I have seen when I watch YouTube videos of it in use, is my reset button is right above my power button. Others are not like that I have noticed.

I started at 50 mm/min with 100% power and then went up to 100mm/min an so on, all the way to 2000.

Hi there, my machine was the new one. It is focused with a small steel barrel you put between the laser and whatever you are cutting or engraving to get the correct height. You drop the laser head on to the barrel and there is a small pin that looks like an air needle, you screw it into a small hole that secures the laser head at that height.

I been having no issues since then engraving or cutting.

took me a while to remember to change the head height with every new material to get focused properly, become automatic now to check every time

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