Help with Laser Efficiency, settings - Extra Large Engraving

We’re making a 6’ x 4.5’ wood sign. We wanted to engrave this design that we created (there will be no border, we cut the sign out by hand):

Is there a way to do this without the entire thing taking 15 hours? I’m new to lightburn, I’ve been using RD Works for years. I’ve only cut things out using lightburn, I haven’t engraved anything yet because I’m still unsure of the settings. I have a Laguna C02 Laser bed is 51" x 36" (the sign is in 2 pieces that will fit on our bed, top part 24" and bottom part 36.25" Ideally I’d like for the burn to be deep. If there is no away around this taking up too much of my laser time, is there an efficent way to do a lighter burn so I can carve the design out?

Maybe if you told us what speed, power, etc. otherwise my crystal ball seems to be saying ‘no’.

Have a play with the optimisation, layer and speed settings and compare the timings in preview. For sure use “offset fill” for the border (put on a different layer). You could do the same with the small border around the word “MIDAS”. Increase the power so that you can move faster for the engraving.

Other than that, there isn’t really much more I can suggest.



Job processing time is a combined calculation of the type of work you are producing (vector, raster / bitmap or both in the same job), the Line Interval (number of lines per mm or inch), the speeds run for each layer of that job and the number of passes.

Provide these numbers for this job, and we can offer some refinements that might shorten the time required to produce what you’d like. :slight_smile:

Type of wood would be useful too…

Thank you for your response and help, I appreciate it. I ran tests and did more research before I came back here with more questions. I converted it to a vector file. We’re using Ash wood. After 10 tests, the one that looked the best was using the following settings:
Speed 350 Power 70/20 213 DPI Fill + Line. Just the “W” to scale took 2 min 24 seconds with 1 pass and 1/64" deep, drew about 15MA. After talking it out with my husband we want the engraving to be deeper. We don’t necessarily need the engraving to be dark since we will be painting the letters, we just want it to be a lot deeper. I tried taking the speed down from 490 all the way to 350 and it didn’t make it deeper, just a little more defined and much darker.

I engrave 2mm deep in tropical hardwood with a machine set to 100W output at 100 LPI/250mm/85% and they come out great.

But you can’t get away from the fact that you are engraving a 6’ x 4.5’ sign at 213LPI. 15,336 52" long lines at 350mm/sec.

Wrong technique/technology for such a thing.

If you’re painting the sign, mask and cut and paint. It will take no time.

Or use a CNC router. Or cut shapes from 2mm acrylic and glue to ACP or similar substrate.

Recent 1000 x 750 sign - took ten minutes to cut, ten minutes to weed and spray the coat of arms, five minutes to mount the letters.

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