Help with Line Power settings

See an example in the picture below, I’ve typically had my min and max powers set at the same level as I just recently moved to a laser with software and a controller with this option. Looking at the house and fence, is this a case where I could turn up the max power a bit to get a darker line on the longer burns and drop the minimum power so the detailed areas aren’t over burned? Understand this is a pretty basic question but wanting to confirm what I think I should do, hope to get some shop time later to try this. Thanks in advance.

Min power will help to compensate for the initial acceleration and negative acceleration (speeding up to max acceleration and the slowing down) of X and Y relative to the max acceleration machine settings as set in the controller.

So, yes. Most likely you will see a more consistent result across your work with balancing your controller settings with your layer speed and power settings.

Thanks for the info and link to the video, not sure why I didn’t make this connection earlier. I think I led myself astray early on when my new laser wouldn’t fire because the minimum was too low so I started making the min and max identical without thinking of the consequence. I just redid that first layer and much more consistent. Thanks again.