HELP With MacBook and Lightburn

I have used my MacBook and Lightburn for the past year with no problems. I done some updates both on OS and Lightburn. I am currently running OS 12.5 Monterey and LightBurn 1.2.01. I have had problems with communicating to my laser which is an OMtech with the Ruida controller. Sometimes it will work just fine and some not. Now It isn.t working again. I can ping the address which shows it is communicating but Lightburn says it is disconnected.

I downloaded Lightburn to my wife’s Windows PC and Lightburn is communicating with my laser. So why is my MacBook not communicating? I would just use the PC but I have a lot of files on the Mac.

Thanks in advance

The main advantage to using Ethernet is that the communications protocols and interfaces are very functional.

It seems, as it appears you understand that it’s the mac that isn’t wanting to work.

If it’s on the network, then Lightburn should see it.

Did you ensure that when IPs are renewed that it doesn’t have a conflicting address?

On my router I can assign a MAC address to an IP so that IP address is reserved and the router doesn’t attempt to use it.

Just a though. Assuming it’s from the mac you can see the laser IP…


It appears that my computer is seeing the laser IP address when I go to the terminal and ping the laser IP address.

Are you going through a bridge to the laser?

Sure that there is no other ‘things’ on the lasers IP?

Check the configured IP in Lightburn if you are using a wireless bridge, as that IP can change.


No Bridge. Yes nothing else on the laser IP address.

If you can ‘ping’ it, Lightburn should talk to it.

I run Linux, close, but not the same. All I can advise is to select the device from the ‘devices’ menu and click ‘edit’, then step thought it and ensure the IP and everything is correct.


Lightburn support is telling me I need a Raspberry PI to solve my issues.

I think there is some issue with the Mac and the UDP that the Ruida speaks…

UDP is part of the internet protocol suite, but like, IP it’s ‘connectionless’, sometimes referred to as a ‘stateless protocol’ it has no way to tell where it is in the ‘conversation’ since it doesn’t remember it’s state or if the device actually exists.

Implementation of UDP is much more simple to implement than ‘networks’ we are used to. I don’t know exactly what they did, but it really seems to help dependability. From a direct connect, to the Lightburn bridge I have less file transfer failures.


Did you figure out a solution. I seem to have the same problem. I was about to update my software but I’m worried it is going to cause even more issues.

If you mean the Ruida… I’d suggest you don’t unless there is good reason for it…


No I mean my Mac. I haven’t upgraded to the latest version of the software.
But I’m having the same issue here. I will plug it in Ethernet and it will recognize the laser and then I’ll unplug it change to a different file or something and then plug it in maybe 10mins later and it will say disconnected :woozy_face:
I think have to plug, unplug,plug, turn off, unplug, plug etc until it finally recognizes it again. :woozy_face::woozy_face:
It’s incredibly frustrating and time consuming so I was trying to see if he found a solution.

This is Ethernet? Sounds like usb… Ethernet should not behave like that.


Yes it is Ethernet.

Are you plugged into a local network or directly to the Mac?


I plug the Ethernet cord from my thunderlaser into an adapter into my MacBook air.