Help with merging text with custom shape

Hi. New here. Can someone please advise how to get the laser to cut around a word so that it leaves the word connected to a custom shape. Do I need to change the shape I made to something else first? When I select the name and outside shape the Boolean options are there to choose (as per photos below) but when I choose the shape I created and the text the options do not highlight so that I can use. Any help would be amazing I have tried many things but I don’t want the word to cut out I want to join it so that the word is left there with the shapes

Change the text to a path. Select the text then go to the top under edit and select convert to path or right click and select convert to path.
Then group the paths that make up the words. Booleans treat grouped objects as a single object so it will allow you to keep the word as one thing.
The first shape you select is considered A. The second B. The hints if you tab over the icon help some. For this one select the box then the letters and use subtract A-B

Thank you for your help and time taken to reply :slight_smile: I worked it out

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