HELP with my burns

i cannot burn perfect circles anymore
i did this before and it was perfect
i uninstalled the software and the downloaded the firmware again for the arduino processor but nothing helps
i also cleaned the windows 10 registry for old stuff but nothing helps
i know the software can do this because i did cut some perfect circles drawn in the graphical interface of lightburn 9.20
the gcode that i can generate in softburn gives in other programs the same result , so it must be something in softburn
i am hopeless because i have to start building my project , a fokker FVXIII model airplane , and therefore i have to cut the ribs and spars
anyone who can help is welcome
frans nijenhuis

Sorry but it is not a LigtBurn / software problem. If you draw a circle that is round, it will also be made into a round circle in gcode, you can test it in a gcode simulator.
Try drawing a large square and measuring all the sides after you have engraved it.

i did what you asked
and it is 80 x 79 mm ???

i drew a circle inside the square and the square is exact 80 by 80 mm
but the circle is 80 x 78 mm so it is flattend off at the top
on screen it looks perfect

It shows that your frame is skewed or you lose steps on one of the axes.

ok but where to look first , i have a compete fresh installation , and this is the first thing i drew

i think i loose it on the Y axis , of the circle , not on the square

The square is only a test to identify whether it is the X or Y axis which is out of the original setting.
There are just some shapes where it is more visible than others but the error or inaccuracy is in everything you do except on a horizontal or vertical line, all depending on which axis it is out of its correct setting.

thank for your support
but is there a way to compensate for that
if not thanks for your time and effort

You must first be sure that you do not have a mechanical problem, then I will try to find the parameter that determines steps per revolution and check them. If you search here on the forum under steper motor or steps per revolution you should be able to find information on the topic. I mean, it’s the 100 and 101 addresses that are for mm / rev. - But you must be clear about what you are doing so you do not ruin your machine settings, remember a backup …
Good luck and good night

you where absolutely right about a mechanical problem
last night i took the machine apart and assembled it again
i thing there was a differance of 1 tooth on the beld between left and right
now it runs perfect again
there are thing that you cannot see but they are there
thanks very must for your support
kind regards
frans nijenhuis

I’m glad you can laser again. You have done the right thing by informing yourself and then starting with problem solving from scratch, ie to be sure that the hardware itself is in order.
Kind regards

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