Help with new camera - not burning where the previw shows

First off, I am using an older version of Lightburn (0.9.09) as I only use it run my laser.I do all my drawings in other Cad/Cam software.

I have 2 things I a wondering what the cause are

  1. why when I turn on the preview of the camera does the origin shift from “user origin” to absolute origin"?

  2. why does the laser not burn where the preview shows?
    Yes, I know it’s really hard to see, but the circles are previewed around the holes

but cut in a different place. I don’t know why

Any assistance is welcome


edit: I should say I change it back to user origin before burning

OK, I figured out the absolute co-ordinates part, however, it opens new questions.

When I leave it on absolute, the cuts are off by almost 2" to -X. why isn’t it cutting where the camera shows it will cut?

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