Help with new laser

Hi all I have gone from a K40 to a new machine and can’t seem to set it up correctly.
I’ve plugged it in and done devices find my laser click on the ruida 644xs clicked origin of laser to be rear left and finish.
So on lightburn my down moves the laser up, control panel on machine is correct.
The home seems to go to the bottom left of the machine but I would like it on the top left.
The green and red dot on the page on light burn are both at the top and files come in messed up.

Can anyone help me out with these issues

Where does the system go when you first turn it on? That is where you will want to set it. Most Ruida controllers are default set for the back-right.

Hi I have had to turn homing off as when I turn it on it moves towards bottom left and then spends over a minute smashing into the side
My ruida controller shows x and y being 1000 but software says correct bed size

First of all, you should check where your end switches are actually mechanical installed on the machine.
Than get the controller to make your homing correct. Either your home switches are not lower left, or something is wrong with the switches/cables.

Obviously your machine is not homing correct.
A picture of your bed and gantry could help.

Hi thank you I’ll attach pictures now. It homes or try’s to but smashes against the side until I hit the emergency button

To me this looks like your end switches are Up (not clearly to see) and left. Is that right?

Yes I have two one top right and one top left that moves with the laser

So you are homing to top left.
You need to change homing direction at least for the Y-Axis

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