Help with new wiring on steppers. Switch from Laserboard to Ruida rdc 6445s

Hi everyone. I changed controllers and had to add micro drivers. So the drivers read a+ and a-, b+ and b-.

The motors themselves are these on aliexpress. Stepping Motor 17ha704y-15a1 Or 17ha704y-15a2 - Stepper Motor - AliExpress
That show A, B, C, D or 1,2,3,4 on the diagram listed with A and C a pair and B and D a pair.

Previous connection on Laserboard showed this.
with red wire as A2, blue wire as A1, yellow wire as B1 and white wire as B2.

I dont want to burn these out when connection. How would I determine what goes where exactly?

The listing of the connections is a little odd, but either pair will work as fields. Worst case it will go backwards and you’ll have to change it’s direction.

Just wire the fields to match the field windings.

Notice the field winding, pick a set. A+, A- is one set, that would attach to A & C and the B & D pair to B+ & B-. Either set to either group.

Good luck


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Thanks! It was backwards at first and I got it switched around. I almost got this laser finished up!

Had a 50/50 chance and you blew it… lol

Seems like it’s like 90% of these I do end up backwards… :frowning:

Wish I could get the 50/50 options…

I’m glad you are gaining on it. They take time, so be patient.

Good luck


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Edit, I found the info! Got this thing going good now