Help with rotary settings

Ok some how I have changed settings that use to give me successful rotary engraving. The video shows a glass I engraved a few weeks back and I have many others that turned out well.

The picture is one I tried to do last night and again this morning and it is not working out well.

The first time I set the rotary up I figured the circumference of the glass and drew a line that was equal to the circumference. I then adjusted the roller diameter until the line started and stopped in the same place. This seemed to work well.

Now the image is coming out condensed in the x axis and parts of the rest of the image gets engraved where it shouldn’t. Any help would be appreciated.

Do you have a ‘hot dog roller’ style rotary, or one more like this?

If you have a hot-dog style roller, doing tapered objects is more challenging, and you’d likely need a jig or collar to make the top & bottom circumferences match. Since the circumference is different along the length, depending on which end has more friction at any given moment the rotational speed can differ as the job progresses, and the object is likely to wander up and down if it’s not held.

You can ‘sleeve’ the object at one end, like this:
which helps.

Or collars cut with the laser out of acrylic work too - somewhat like the plates on either end of this rock tumbler:

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