Help with Rotary Setup

Hi, need a little help with Rotary Setup.

When I use the Tools Rotary Setup - it works perfectly.
When I close that, and draw a rectangle that is same Y as Circ, it goes about 2 inches past that when I frame it. X is fine.

Why would Rotary Setup be spot on, but the normal Framing of Y be longer that Circ setting suggested.

So my hardware is 700x500 Red Blk
Y axis Steps Per Rotation is jumper set for 5000 (does it matter below?)

I have the CloudRay rotary roller (not chuck)
Roller Diameter is 67.5mm
Gear Ratio is 1.5

Object Mug Circumf is 12.875" (104.1)
Circle Pulse / Steps per Rotation: 11566.14

When I put the above in Tools Rotary Setup and click TEST, it works perfectly.

11566.14 Steps per rotation - 11566.14
67.5mm Roller Diameter
104.1mm Object DIameter
327.040mm Circumference

So I draw a rectangle in LB that is 50 x 327.04, and hit Frame, and it spins right past the start point by 2 or 3 inches.

I set my Origin as the far left start point on mug using Set Origin on Ruida, and use Top Left in LB, user Origin or Current Position both do the same thing.
I was thinking the extra movement was from it moving to my origin prior to framing, but my origin and current position are the same point.

Thoughts ?



Ok, I figured out what I was doing wrong.

So you should only ever do Rotary Setup ONE TIME, just for your hardware.
The Rotary Setup has NOTHING to do with your cup or object you are engraving.

  1. Figure out Y Driver Pulse Revolution Dip Switches = 5000 (my driver)
  2. Use caliper or count teeth on Rotary Motor Gear / Belt Gear = Gear Ratio = 1.5 (my Rotary)
  3. Use caliper to measure diameter of wheel object sits on (incl. rubber) = 67.6 (my Rotary)

Now do the math
LB Steps Per Rotation = Value3 / (Value1 * Value2 * Value3)
My Steps Per Rotation = 67.6 / (5000 * 1.5 * 67.6) = 7500

So in LB Rotary Setup use:
Steps Per Rotation = 7500
Roller Diameter = 67.6
Object Diameter = 67.6
Circumference = 212.372 (whatever it auto calcs as)

Put a piece of Tape on top of rubber wheel, and click TEST
Should do 1 complete revolution, then go back to start.

Now, in the LB Software, draw a rectangle in the Y direction that is the Circumference of your Mug / Cup. Put a piece of tape marking the top edge of the cup, then hit FRAME. It should do the same as before, cup should make one complete revolution.

To change to another diameter mug, just redraw your Y dimension for new circumference.

Of course the X dimension is how far left and right you want to go.
Use Left Job Origin from Current Position or User Origin if set.

Hope this helps others, as I couldn’t find much on how LB does this.



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ok, here’s some additional tips, as it took me AWHILE to figure this out.

Device Settings Origin, Bottom Right, so that it goes CW or CCW, so you don’t mirror your burn. Import your SVG AFTER you make this change, as it screws with your drawing (NOT COOL)

Open Machine Settings and READ then SAVE - name your backup NO-Rotary

Chg the following in Machine Settings after above Read and Save.
Enable Rotary with all above Settings, wheel Diameter, and Circle Pulse Needed

Idle Speeds (<25mm suggested, I have mine at 10)

Line Shift Speed (<25mm suggested, I have mine at 10)

Disable Homing (X and Y) Really no need for either.

Homing Speed (<25mm suggested, assuming you only turn off Y Homing)
Maximum X Travel

Maximum Y Travel (9999 suggested) Otherwise you will Unknowingly hit your LIMIT and it will STOP. and rotate back the other way. I always use User Set Origin so who would have known I was hitting limit.

Maximum Y speed (<25mm suggested, I have mine at 10)

Write then SAVE as ROTARY.
Shut off machine, attach rotary cable.
Make sure you LOAD and Write your NO-ROTARY prior to shut down, to re-enable Homing.

Hoping they add most of these to the software.


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